McQuoids Fishing Reports are Helpful Year-Round

Fishing Reports

Lake Mille Lacs in Isle, MN, is the second largest of Minnesotas 10,000 lakes, and is the most popular place to fish in the state. McQuoids Inn helps visitors with all their fishing needs, whether they want a relaxing summer day on the lake or if they desire to go ice fishing in the winter. McQuoids provides guided trips and launch service for warm weather fishing. During the winter, the inn provides a guide, transportation, bait, tackle, jigging rods, a locator and a fish house for ice fishing.
During any time of the year, McQuoids puts out a fishing report on their blog. Before you head out for the day, check out the fishing report so that you can plan accordingly and know what youre in for. The fishing report will tell you what’s out there. For example, the best time to go bluegill and crappie fishing is during the springtime and early June. During the spring, the fishing report will tell you the water temperature and how the temperature has been rising and falling for the past several hours or days. Youll also learn what times to fish in different water levels. For example, certain times of day are better for fishing in deep water than others. During the winter, the report will tell ice conditions and if theyve been improving or declining. The thickness of the ice and information about ice travel safety will also be reported. Regardless of the time of year, the fishing report will alert you to what color of hooks to use, as well as what type of bait seems to be working best. Fishers will also be alerted to what type of fish is prominent in the area.

Fishing Reports

Some fishing reports will focus on a specific component of fishing, such as fishing weights. Fishing weights are attached to the hook and sink in the water to add mass to the fishing line. Fishing weights are best used in deep water. Combining information on fishing weights with the fishing report of the day will let you know if you need to use them at all. For example, if the fishing report doesnt recommend fishing in deep water, then you wont need a heavy fishing weight. If you plan on doing a lot of deep water fishing, youll want to read up on fishing reports that include information on the topic.
Other fishing reports will explain a type of fishing that you may not be familiar with, such as kayak fishing or ice fishing. Youll learn about the accessories and tools youll need to take along and the benefits of a particular type of fishing. This information is important to read before you head out for the day. If you leave your room in the hope of going kayak fishing, but you dont have a lip gripper, youll probably return from your day of fishing empty handed. You can also prepare ahead of time by practicing a certain skill, such as angling or casting. If youre preparing to try a brand new type of fishing, read plenty of fishing reports before heading out for the first time.

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